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The MORPHEUS LT MRI is an anesthesia machine and it can be used on adult, children and newborn patients.
The MORPHEUS LT MRI is suitable for administration of Oxygen – Air – Nitrous Oxide – Halothane – Enflurane – Isoflurane – Sevoflurane – Desflurane mixtures.

The anesthesia machine MORPHEUS LT MRI is completed with:
– mechanic gas mixing system
– electronic lung ventilator with dual color display 165 x 145 mm with membrane keyboard and encoder
– valves group: open, semi-closed, closed, heated, with soda lime absorber (1,5 Kg)
– SIARETEX rapid connection device, Selectatec compatible for 2 vaporizers
– gas supply group

MRI Conditional
ISO 9001
ISO 13485
ISO 13485
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