MR Uyumlu Projektör

  • The T-450 MRI-Projector System is designed to be MR conditional and is manufactured and tested to the highest standards according. The Projector system is designed to be used with all MRI scanners up to 3 Tesla magnetic field strength.

    Through easy and accessible controls, the MRI projector offers one-way patient video and audio experience with full flexibility. Thanks to advanced projection technology, the projector provides 300-inch image with incredible color contrast even in the bright environment. At the back side of the projector, there are two 20 W speakers which provide incredible sound inside MRI room.  Power on and all the futures of the projector are provided by remote control. The projector comes with 7000-hour lamp life. After final positioning of the project inside MRI room, optimum image quality is achieved by sensitive adjustment of focus and zoom using adjustment tools.