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• The fMRI system provides mapping of neural activity in the brain during cognitive processes.
• The system contains 4 components: a LED monitor, a sound system, a fiber optic response button and a syncronization system, along with accompanying FMRI presentation software.
• The 32” MRI-compatible LED monitor enables presentation of visual stimuli to the subjects at high spatial resolution and across a large visual field.
• The MRI-compatible sound system uses an acoustic method to transfer the audio stimuli from a PC or any other audio source to the subject directly.
• The fiber optic response button records the subject’s behavioral responses during cognitive tasks . The synchronization system ensures that the paradigms presented to the subject via the FMRI software, and the data acquisition process in the MRI scanner are synchronized.
• The FMRI software includes the major sensory and cognitive paradigms that are used commonly in neuroscience applications microphone is active.
• FMRI softwares are being upgraded automatically via internet. Accordingly, new versions of the software are provided to the customers for free.
• Custom paradigms can be developed for special requests.

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ISO 13485
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