MRI Compatible Patient Camera

  • • Compatible with all MRI scanners.
    • All parts in the MRI room are MRI com patible.
    • Direct connection to monitor or video recorder.
    • Easy installation and high image quality.
    • MRI compatibility (up to 3 Tesla) certifi cate.

    • The camera is designed to be MRI conditional and  manufactured to the highest standards.
    • Camera is sent in the same set with the  integration box, filter and power unit.The camera can be easily installed in the MRI suite.
    • The angle adjustment is made easy with the help of aluminum housing. Once being fixed the camera is not affected by bumps.
    • The camera has 2.8- 12 mm varifocal lens. This high focus capability of the camera gives users an ability to focus camera to any desired position even from long distance.
    • Apart from optical zooming,the digital one can also be made from DVR.