MRI Compatible Anesthesia Machine

  • Morpheus-LT-RMN-198x300

    The MORPHEUS LT MRI is an anesthesia machine and it can be used on adult, children and newborn patients.
    The MORPHEUS LT MRI is suitable for administration of Oxygen – Air – Nitrous Oxide – Halothane – Enflurane – Isoflurane – Sevoflurane – Desflurane mixtures.

    The anesthesia machine MORPHEUS LT MRI is completed with:
    – mechanic gas mixing system
    – electronic lung ventilator with dual color display 165 x 145 mm with membrane keyboard and encoder
    – valves group: open, semi-closed, closed, heated, with soda lime absorber (1,5 Kg)
    – SIARETEX rapid connection device, Selectatec compatible for 2 vaporizers
    – gas supply group

  • • Manual and automatic ventilator options.
    • O2/N2O flowmeter.
    • CO2 absorber (canister) system.
    • A fully automatic air ventilation and gas delivery system.
    • Selektateck or cone type options for vaporizer device.

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    ts ergonomics makes this ventilator the ideal model for the transport in ambulance, helycopter and planes and also for the intra hospital transport

    The high standard technology combined with simple and intuitive settings, makes this ventilator a very easy to use and reliable equipment.
    The new ventilator model Sirio S2/T is integrated with the spirometry and it’s equipped with a long duration battery.

    MRI Compatible

    The new ventilator model Sirio S2/T MRI is compatible for use in magnetic resonance rooms from 1,5 and 3 Tesla.

  • Ventilatorss
    • Pneumatic MRI ventilator
    • Automatic ventilation
    • Tidal Volume: 50-2000 ml (Standard Valve)
    • I:E rate between: 4:1-1:2
    • Driving gas: Medical air or oxygen
    • 2 years warranty